The 5 Core Areas for Child Development

Hey guys! I thought it was important to break down some of the foundation of where my posts come from. I want to write and share things with you based on my foundational beliefs about toddlers and children.

I chose the name Basik Training originally because I wanted to open a preschool that taught kids the basics of becoming good, wholesome people who were kind to others. My idea was to teach them good manners, to enjoy learning, and to care for themselves. Since I never actually opened a daycare, I want to share my message with you here in this blog.

I have taken the time to break down for you the foundations of helping your toddler develop into an outstanding member for society. We are responsible for our children. As a parent, you are obligated to provide them with everything you can to help them manage their life the best way possible.

The following five areas are the most important to focus on for ages 1-5.

1. Health & Wellness

Becoming a healthy adult starts with childhood. It is your responsibility to provide your child with the skills to be and remain healthy, and it can be fun! You have the ability to teach your little one to enjoy fruits and vegetables and to enjoy going outdoors for fun physical activities. Help your little one out! Provide him or her with healthy meals and snacks. Take them for a short hike and show them how refreshing it is in nature, or turn on some music and have a dance party once a day. By teaching your toddler to enjoy this part of life can help them so much later!

2. Social Skills

If you have a toddler, you know how interesting they can make social gatherings! Show them how to properly interact with strangers. Teach them to trust their intuition, but to be respectful at the same time. Show them how to treat their friends, and help them understand why. You have the obligation to raise emotionally intelligent children who know how to handle themselves in social situations.

3. Ethics & Discipline Tips

In addition to social skills, ethics and values are key! Babies aren’t born knowing that stealing is wrong. They don’t know that lying is a bad thing to do. It is up to you to teach your toddler what is right. It is also up to you to teach them that the world is good, that they are loved, and that we should show other people love.

Sometimes, in order to teach your child right from wrong, you must discipline your children. This is not a bad thing! In fact, teaching them how to behave is very good for them. Always keep in mind though, there is effective discipline and very ineffective discipline. It’s important to know your child well enough to know what style works best for them.

4. Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

Every human being is different. We all love differently, learn differently, and think differently – and that is normal. Knowing how to calm yourself down in a tense situation can be very helpful. Getting to know your toddler and helping them to figure out what works best for them can help them so much! For example, some kids wake up after their nap happy to see you and wanting to cuddle while others are grumpy and need their space. There is nothing wrong with that! Help them out by giving them what they need.

*In addition, I find this category super important because of the amount of technology we have available to us. Although it can be helpful in many ways, it can also be very distracting! Teach your child how important it is to disconnect, and how to focus on what is happening around them. Learning to live in the present can help reduce stress and make everything in life more meaningful.

5. Education & Life Skills

Last but not least, education and life skills are a very important area to train your child in. From birth through age five, your little one is going to change and develop tremendously. You can begin teaching them numbers, letters, and colors as early as you want to. You can also help them learn everyday life skills based on their development. Your toddler is capable of putting his or her toys away, putting their laundry in the dirty clothes hamper, and many other small tasks. Toddlers love having their independence, and you’d be surprised how much they enjoy helping! Give them tasks they are capable of and observe how much it can actually be fun for them!

Basik Training is based off of these five core categories. These are the five most helpful areas to help your child develop skills in that will help them in every stage of their life. I will be sharing many more ideas, tips, and tricks to help you instill these foundational skills into your child.