Your Toddler Isn’t the Only One who Should be Growing

In this category, Looking Inward, I will be sharing some of the things I am working on in my personal life. Personal growth is very important to me. In my opinion, we should always be learning and looking to improve ourselves. It’s true, we can be anything we want and learn anything we set our minds to learn. So, why don’t we all take advantage of this gift we have to learn and become anything we want.

The only condition for growth is that we have to want it. 

Fortunately, I have learned that time will pass, faster than you’ll ever expect it to. If you aren’t intentional, life is guaranteed to pass right by you. Thankfully, I believe God gave us tools to improve ourselves. It’s our job to decide whether or not we put them to use.

This year, I chose to adopt the habit of coming up with a word or phrase to define my year. The idea is to post it everywhere so that you will remember it each day. You could write it down on each page of your planner, or post it on the walls in your office.

As you can see, my phrase for 2017 is:

Live Intentionally.

If it’s true that we can have whatever we work toward, I want my actions to be in alignment with that. I want to wake up each day and make intentional choices for my health and for building a successful blog. In reminding myself to Live Intentionally, I believe I will make choices that with push me toward my goals.

I urge you to give this a try as well. Come up with your word or phrase, and watch what happens when you take control of your year. Feel free to share your words or phrases with me in the comments below.