January 2017: Meeting our Goals

January first was a day my husband and I were very excitedly looking forward to. Not because anything special was really supposed to happen, but because we were looking meeting some goals in the new year.

My husband and I were very happily married in 2016, but aside from that it was very hard year for us. Every week, it seemed like something else would go wrong. I could list them all here, but I’d rather keep this post positive. Let’s just say it was a year of loss, with endless catastrophes, and insistent adaptation. Our basement even flooded with water two days before Christmas. It was crazy!

Needless to say, we want 2017 to be better. We decided this year was going to be our year. We discussed what we wanted for the year, set goals that surpass what the spreadsheets say we are capable of, and set our minds to achieve them.

 Our Goals for 2017.

*We want to get completely out of debt, besides my student loan.

*We want to save enough money by August to purchase a home, and to get Robert a bigger and newer truck.

*I want to grow my blog and turn it into my full time business so that I can work from home.

Would you believe me if I told you we have already completed the first goal on our list?!

After looking at our finances, we decided to go ahead and pay off my car on January first. I am so glad we chose to do this on the first, because I feel like it will just continue to set a positive trend for the year. Because Robert worked so hard to pay off his sports car last year, my car was all that we had left. Now we have three completely paid off vehicles and it feels so good! Hard work, and sticking to your plan pays off. You just have to keep a positive mind and keep pushing.

The next financial blessing for us came out of absolutely nowhere. I suddenly received a check in the mail for $1,000! I almost threw it in the trash at first because I didn’t look at it long enough to see that it was real. Apparently, a company I used to do business with over ten years ago settled with the Federal Trade Commission and owed me some money. What a blessing! I never saw this coming!

Finally, as a result of the random check, we actually met one of our goals for 2017. I had recently done a credit check and noticed some charges on my credit report that I did, in fact, owe from many years ago. These delinquencies were keeping my credit score out of the “Good” range. Thanks to the extra cash I was able to pay it all off, leaving our only debt my student loan.

I am thankful for a husband who encourages me to save money, who supports me and my dreams, and who is willing to put in the work to make our lives together better. I am also thankful for a God who already has it all worked out. All we have to do is continue moving our feet.


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